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How to turn remarketing ads on social media into sales for your business

March 19, 2019

How to turn remarketing ads on social media into sales.


Ya’ll ever scrolled right on past a business post on socials because without even reading it, you knew it was a business…selling you something… on socials? Umm cya 👋 

You’re not alone! Consumers are B-U-S-Y. We’re time poor, overloaded with constant content, and worst still – we’re using multiple screens simultaneously (Netflix and scroll, anyone!? 🙋🏻‍♀️) 

But, we’re also smart. We’re scrolling past generic business posts, because we know that’s exactly what it is.          

Consider Rosie, who wants to buy a new dress. 

On her morning scroll on her laptop (whilst eating breakfast), she is targeted with an ad for an online boutique. Intrigued, she clicks on to the stores website, browses through a few dresses, and even finds one she likes enough to add to her cart 🛒

After initiating the checkout process, she realises she’s late for work, rushes out the door and abandons her cart before purchasing.

What next?          

Here’s what we see happening most often:

If you’re like most businesses, little old Rosie is an opportunity lost, with a pending sale SO close, yet so far.

After a busy day, she’s forgotten entirely about that dress, especially because she can’t even remember the name of the business.

A better solution?          

Rosie gets retargeted by the same business at lunchtime, seeing the same ad.

She recognises the boutique, but her takeaway lunch tipped her budget into the red, so the dress is now out of reach.

Instead she double taps the ad, tags her bestie (so she knows to check out the store too) and keeps on scrolling.       


An ~ even better ~ solution?

A few hours after her abandoned checkout she receives an email from the boutique. The email acknowledges her previous browsing, letting her know she’s ‘left the Emily Dress behind, and did she want to make it hers?’.

Of course she does! But she’d treated herself to a takeaway lunch, so it’ll have to wait to pay day.

After dinner that night, Rosie gets retargeted by the same business. Rather than seeing the same ad again, she sees the *exact dress* she wants show up on her instagram feed.

Amazed, she also reads in the caption the boutique also actually offers Afterpay. She can infact, order the dress right then and there on her phone, whist watching Netflix, with #noregrets

We’re all for option 3. Tailoring your content to your target audience, based on the way they interact with your business.

We love to understand customer paths to purchase. We love finding a solution to provide businesses with content that converts. You can find out more about our Clickworthy Content services here.

What kind of clickworthy content are you offering in your biz?


PS. Rosie, we’d also love to help you out with some time and money management tips if you’re reading this…. 🤑

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